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Plant a Tree

There is no denying that planting trees is extremely beneficial for our planet in helping to fight against rapid climate change, improving air and water quality and restricting soil erosion. Our wildlife and people’s livelihoods often depend on the beautiful tree landscapes that are under threat.

The Bamenda Highlands, an area known to support high levels of biological diversity and endemism, have been identified as a high-risk zone for deforestation and degradation due to unsustainable agricultural practices in the region.


Planting trees here will help conserve the habitat for the wildlife and hundreds of other species living in the region, while providing sustainable livelihoods to local people.  


CAEPA encourages tree planting in the Bamenda Highlands. We train community members in tree seed collection, pre-treatment, storage and nursery establishment. We continuously work together with our communities to plant trees in deforested and degraded areas, changing people’s lives while conserving the habitat.


With your help, we can plant many more trees in communities in the North-West Region of Cameroon.