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Child Development Programme

Since the 22nd of September 2016, children’s lives have dramatically changed in the South-West and North-West regions of Cameroon. Initial peaceful protests that sought to end the marginalization of English-speaking citizens rapidly became an armed conflict between the government and anti-government forces. These long-lasting tensions led to the kidnapping of schoolchildren, the beating and maiming of several

teachers and the banning of functioning schools. 74 schools have been destroyed. 80% of all schools have been closed. The lives of over 600,000 innocent children have been shattered by this devastating struggle.

Education fuels a child’s dream – but with every child impacted by this conflict, another dream is destroyed by the brutality of their everyday realities. Here at CAEPA, we believe in providing a safe and flourishing environment for children to be able to follow their dreams and aspirations and to develop their talents, despite

being faced by constant adversity. We facilitate literacy classes on Saturdays where children can develop their reading skills and escape from their daily hardship by immersing themselves in the art of storytelling. Our team supports the children by encouraging them to explore their imagination through books in a comfortable, fun and community-based environment. These innocent children deserve every opportunity and hope for their future, where their lack of educational privilege does not block their path forward in life. Books, storytelling and literacy development are anchoring forces for bringing light and hope to the next

generation. Together, we can nourish the minds and hearts of future global talents and bright souls.