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CAEPA Cameroon Trains 25Women Ambassadors

We say No to Women been considered as a minority in our community. We say No to widowhood rituals, all in the name of traditional rights after the death of our husbands, we need to be seen as humans and not just women.

Painting the picture of passed widows scenarios in their communities, Wednesday, September 9th -10th, 2019, in a workshop organized by CAEPA  Cameroon aimed at educating some 25widows leaders, coming from different widows association in Balikumbat to advocates, lobby and negotiate for the rights of women and widows in that Subdivision.

Addressing the situation on behalf of the women, the president of the widows association from Balikumbat Patience Lemah congratulates CAEPA for such a good initiative brought to their community.

‘’We are going to raise our voices in an effective manner to help influence other women and widows by educating, creating awareness that women are not second class citizens and need to be treated as humans not as animals in the community and beyond. These is in a bit to protect the interest of women and widows in our communities and say No to violence against widows’’.

She echoed that, the training will help them to mobilize more women and widows to fight for the abolition of widowhood rituals and other satanic practices on women and widows in their community.

The training session took place in the presence of some traditional council leaders who were also happy with the workshop. Pa Sebastian a traditional council head from Baliganshu says, ‘’some of our tradition has not really been fear on our women and widows due to ignorance. The widowhood rituals always performed by women after the death of their husband is truly bad.  I personally appreciate CAEPA Cameroon for bringing such an educative workshop in our community which, I pray will go a long way not only to empower just women and widows but the society at large’’.

At the end of the workshop, the 25women were awarded certificates of attestation for taking part in the training.